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Here are links to our delicious recipes!
Click on the title to download a pdf file with our versions of some classic recipes:
Butter to Olive Oil Conversion Chart
Here is a chart for the equivalent levels of butter and olive oil.
Popcorn   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
Who says popcorn needs butter? Printed recipe coming soon, but this one is super easy, just check out the video.
Toasted Oatmeal   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
Yes, that's right! Toasted oatmeal...oh-Mama, it is mm-mmm good!
French Onion Soup
If you use low sodium broth, this is a Healthy Heart soup that tastes incredibly good.
Great Grecian Granola
Great with plain yogurt and fresh fruit...mm-mmm good!
Pasta Salad Delight
This is an easy recipe for a lunch or dinner! It can be made in advance and served when the crowd wants to eat.
Lemon Sauce
Use this on white fish and shrimp...it is definitely awesome!
Mustard Sauce
Use this in place of mustard and mayo...oh-Mama, it is mm-mmm good!
Classic Onion Dip
This recipe is updated classic onion dip done by swapping the pack of dehydrated LiptonĀ® soup mix for real caramelized onions and goat cheese.
Surf and Surf
Depending on whether you serve appetizers and/or a salad, this will feed two to four people. I made this with fresh Cobia...mm-mm-good!
Fried Zucchini   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
This recipe for fried zucchini is great! Watch the video for helpful information on reusing your olive oil.
Garlic Oil   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
This garlic oil is a great building block for other recipes. Printed recipe coming soon.
Croutons   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
Still buying croutons in a box? Give this one a shot, but in a house full of people they won't last long! Great for dipping, salads, cheeses, etc. Printed recipe coming soon.
Breadcrumb Salsa   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
Breadcrumb Salsa is just another building block for our other recipes. Delicious! Printed recipe coming soon.
Chicken Breast With Salsa   -   Click Here To Watch The Video
Delicious chicken breast made with salsa and bread crumbs. Printed recipe coming soon, but the video will walk you through it all. This builds of the bread crumb coating discussed in the zucchini video.
Shrimp and Grits
Homemade Shrimp and Grits! This is a recipe for two people.


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