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The Finest Quality and Most Healthful Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Planet!
The Kreta Reserve Story

A super premium grade of extra virgin olive oil is now available to consumers in the US. After a massive coordination effort from Saint Louis, Missouri, to the island of Crete in the Mediterranean, Tony Sansone has produced the freshest, finest quality, and most healthful extra virgin olive oil available anywhere in the world.

Tony has grown and harvested olives since the mid 80s. He knew the only way to obtain a pure, unaltered extra virgin olive oil with maximum health benefits and superb taste was to control every step of the process of making the oil starting at the olive tree all the way to final bottling. Through a bit of good timing and good luck, the island of Crete became the obvious choice as the starting point. The Koroneiki olive, grown in the mountains on Crete, is very high in healthful antioxidants and produces rich, emerald color oil with an unbeatable fresh, fruity, and wild taste. Olive oil from Crete has been considered the finest in the world since the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt sent their ships across the Mediterranean to obtain Crete’s liquid gold.

In 2003, Tony attended the baptism of the granddaughter of a good friend who lives on the island. Tony was stationed on Crete and throughout the Mediterranean during his military career. He served with and befriended many airmen and soldiers from Crete while assigned to NATO. While at the baptism with his retired military comrades, he learned they were primarily engaged in farming and organically cultivating the Koroneiki olive in their mountain groves. During the three-day party that followed the baptism, Tony could not believe the beautiful olive oil that was liberally poured over the magnificent foods served day and night. Tony listened intently as his friends complained that their oil was purchased each year and sent to other countries. There it is blended with lesser oils and then sold on the American market. Tony and his friends devised a plan to produce the finest extra virgin olive oil ever made and bring it directly to America. In 2007, the first oil worthy of the Kreta Reserve label was ready and arrived at the Kreta Reserve warehouse facility in Saint Louis. All the best chefs and customers around the country were thrilled to finally have Kreta Reserve.

Tony is no stranger to high quality extra virgin olive oil. He has studied and worked the process of growing and pressing olives into oil since 1980. His wife, Alba, is Italian. Her family’s summer home is surrounded by a very old olive grove that has produced fine quality extra virgin olive oil for centuries.

Tony and his comrades recruited many other friends and neighbors—all small family farmers from nearby mountain villages--all olive growers who love the land, their trees, and the olive fruit they produce. Only the best trees and olives are selected to harvest. The olives grow well without the aid of chemical fertilizers, hormones, and pesticides that are liberally used in other olive producing regions and countries. Further, there is no heavy industry on Crete so the olives and the trees are not bombarded with industrial pollution year round. The olives are harvested only when the healthful antioxidants and vitamins in the olives are at the highest levels—and just before the acidity in the olives starts to rise.

Rip Kirby, a Kreta Reserve customer, joined the quest in 2009. Rip had such great improvement in his heart and vascular health as a result of consuming Kreta Reserve, he became a believer in our cause to operate a business with a modest profit and help people achieve better health. Rip and his independent team updated the web site, added the e-commerce feature, and are adding to their sales force daily. Each new customer allows us to take another step forward and provides great satisfaction knowing that our customers will enjoy foods more and live healthier lives.

Kreta Reserve is simply the finest quality, freshest, cleanest, and most healthful extra virgin olive oil on the planet. It is a super premium extra virgin olive oil made only from the best quality Kornoneiki olives grown in the mountains on the island of Crete. Only small family farmers with a common goal can take the extraordinary steps necessary to produce this unique oil. From the tree, to the press, to the bottle, to you...every detail is quality controlled by Tony Sansone and his neighbors. His personal guarantee of quality and satisfaction is on every bottle. Questions? Call Tony. He’ll be happy to tell you about Kreta Reserve.

Kreta Reserve takes extreme measures to ensure your online orders are secure and any credit card numbers you use or store on our site comply to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. These are the the same standards that large corporations are legally required to maintain. Click here to see our most recent PCI Compliance Certificate.


Tony Sansone, owner and founder of GMHS International, LLC, knows extra virgin olive oil. He grows olives, harvests them, and takes extraordinary measures for quality, cleanliness, and health value in the process to press the olives and package the oil. He has eyes-on and hands-on each step in the making of his super premium extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, he has the support of hundreds of friends and neighbors who have been doing the same for generations on small family farms in the mountains on the island of Crete.

GMHS International, LLC
700 Scott Street
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547-3324 USA
Email: info@kretareserve.com

Anthony M. “Tony” Sansone,
Founder and Director, International Operations
Tony's Cell Phone: 850-368-7162

Michael C. Sansone,
VP, USA Finance and International Trade

Angelina M. Sansone,
VP, USA Quality Control and Testing

James H. “Rip” Kirby III,
Director, USA Operations
Rip's Cell Phone: 850-217-1616

Patrick M. Bailey,
Director, Information Technology and Security
Email: pmbailey@kretareserve.com


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